Girls, When Is The Right Time For The First Weekend Away With Your New Guy?

Timing is all important in any relationship. You have to know when that first kiss should come, when to cook your first dinner for the two of you and, of course, the right time to have sex for the first time. These are things that must be figured out because if you do them too soon you can ruin a good thing before it even gets off the ground. It can also mess things up if you wait too long. This can lead to doubts in the mind the guy you are dating about how you really feel about him. Even though you may have done everything else just right, you will probably still need to decide when it is a good time to go away for a romantic weekend with somebody for the very first time.

The reason this is a big deal, even after you’ve slept with someone, is that while you might have spent the night with him to go off and spend several days together with somebody is a little different. You will be spending a full two or three days with this guy. You will be going to bed with him at night and wake up with him the next morning. Your new man is going to see you without makeup and with your hair in a mess. You are going to be with him when your morning breath is at its very worst. This is going to be a very intimate time and you must be sure that the timing is right and that you have enough confidence in the two of you for that to happen.

Before deciding if now is the right time to go away with a guy, consider what stage your relationship is at. How often have you been out together? Have you at least kissed each other? What about sex: have you had sex together yet? Is your connection blossoming into something deeper than a casual fling?

Of course, if you’ve just started dating this man, you do not want to rush into things. If you’ve been on just one date and then he suggests a romantic weekend away then he might believe that you are easy, desperate or both. I think this is not likely to be the impression you want to give to a man who you think may be an important relationship with you. The guy may go away with you very early on if he thinks you’re easy, but you probably won’t hear from him again when you return – you will just have been a ‘conquest’.

On the other hand, if you have been together for a while, have come to know one another quite well and have had sex, now might be the right time to take your relationship to a new level. If you are unsure whether its the right thing to do or not, talk to him about it and see what kind of reaction he gives. Ask him about his thoughts on the matter. Generally it is going to be better if you plan that first trip away together as a joint decision and not just something that he plans and expects you to go along with.

When you and your guy have your first romantic getaway, perfect planning and a perfect timing will make sure that you will share a time to enjoy and remember for a long time.

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